Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Elven Chronicles of Middle-Earth - The Prelude

Prelude: Part 1

The Elven Chronicles of Middle-Earth is a daily journal of Lord of the Rings Online through the eyes of an Elf named Drythril. He’s currently a level 18 Minstrel who is enjoying the festivities of the Fall Festival which is underway as of this time. His journey through Middle-Earth leads him from Celondim, in Ered Luin, to the Inn of the Prancing Pony, in Bree, where he must speak with Aragorn of the resurrection of Skorgrim Dourhand. But before we delve into that tale, let us start from the beginning.


After traveling from Rivendell to Edhelion to learn the wisdom of Lord Elrond in Ered Luin, I came upon the dwelling place of Elves that was once filled with peace and harmony, and the oneness with nature. Elrond began to tell me of war looming from the north: Thorin’s Halls, the dwelling place of the dwarfs. It was speculated that they’ll attack to steal the artifacts and relics stored up at Edhelion.

Talagan Silvertongue

I was met, also, by a friend I haven’t seen many seasons: Talagan Silvertongue. For good times sake, he asked me to spare with him - to see if I still have what it takes to fight.

Then suddenly, in Elrond’s study, the earth began to shake. Elrond tells us that we must go outside and fend off the enemy. It was there when we saw the Refuge of Edhelion burning. In a fit of panic Talagan Silvertongue tells me to help our fellow kindred from the burning wreckage and defeat any Dwarfs that cross my path, and so I do. The enemy was brutal and relentless. One by one they fell to my blade and the battle-songs I sang. (And not because of my horrendous singing voice either)

Upon making my way through the city, slaying dwarves, it was here that I would have to do battle with a mountain troll. Big brutes with knarlish faces, and skin as cracked and as tough as rock. The troll burst forth open the gate which sent dread coursing through my vains. There was nothing I could do. And as I stood there paralyzed with fear, Elrond came rushing to the troll and defeated him with one swift blow. “Come, follow me. Talagan needs us!” said Elrond. )

We ran up to see that the final confrontation with Skorgrim was at hand. Talagan Silvertongue was surrounded. He came face-to-face with the enemy who was once our ally for many years. Skorgrim demanded that Talagan hand over the treasures.

It was here that Talagan shook the mountains that surrounded the refuge, sending chunks of rock and bolder strucking down both Skorgrim and himself in attempts to end the battle.

 Next time in The Elven Chronicles of Middle-Earth … Drythril meets with Dwalin to resolve suspicions of yet another plan of attack from the Dourhands.

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