Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Elven Chronicles of Middle-Earth - The meeting with Dwalin

Prelude: Part 2

In this tale, some years after the war with the Dourhands and their devious schemes, Elrond senses something amiss and suspects the Dourhands are up to no good, again.

Drythril is then instructed to talk with Elladan and Dorallas about the looming evil that has once again threatened Edhelion. Upon further investigation Elrond's suspicions are once again correct - the threat is real. Drythril must confront Dwalin of the dwarves with this matter.

At this time I'm levels 10-13, and once I finally have a better understanding with the functionality of the game, I travel to Frerin's Court to speak with Dwalin about goblins working with the dwarves, and reminded him of what happened the last time at Edhelion and the battle that took place. He agrees to assist the elves, a great ally of Ered Luin, and to help investigate the pressing matters at hand.

After rescuing Elrohir, Elronds eldest twin son, from the depths of the Blue Mountain, Elrohir hands Drythril a letter he found containing the location of Skorgrim's tomb. The location, of which, will be the place of resurrecting Skorgrim himself. A place of great mystery - until now. And for this knowledge there are consequences - but at what cost?

Elrohir has been captured and here Skorgrim has been resurrected. Upon defeating Merric and his minions, Skorgrim flees and threatens to oppress the land of Ered Luin, and beyond. The question is why? What drives a person to this madness? Questions that need answering.

Until next time with Volume 1, Part 3.

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