Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Middle-Earth Minstrels merged with Daily AFK!

Hey, everyone! As some of you may know, via Twitter, the Middle-Earth Minstrels blog has merged with Daily AFK! Originally, I designed to update both blogs at my leisure, and to not rush, or feel constrained to a deadline, as I often make a habit of doing with projects.

Currently, however, I found myself bouncing from one blog site to the next just to make a simple text update, or a video post. Now, those days have ended. From here on out, everything will be housed within Daily AFK!

So, what is Daily AFK! exactly? It's a blog that "originally was intended as a news platform for all things MMO. Now, it's used to express thoughts and opinions about the video game industry, including updated music posts and original content. All while your Away From Keyboard."

Also included in the site is a video series called "Game-On!" where I simultaneously play games while adding some amusing commentary. Simply put, it's my way of entertaining gamer's while they're taking a small break from gaming.

So, as you can see, video content will take up most of my time.

@MEMinstrels will still be active on Twitter to keep you in the know whenever a new post for Middle-Earth Minstrels is available. Simply look for the #Middle-Earth Minstrels, and #The Elven Chronicles of Middle-Earth hash tags at the bottom of each post when searching for your favorite series.

Thanks again for your understanding and support. And be sure to follow me @TOYB0XX, as well, for up to the minute updates for Daily AFK!

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